Everyone is our community knows Simple Simons and the owners, Mary and Dennis Demura.  Simple Simons is always there at events for our communities to supply their wonderful gourmet pizzas, sometimes free of charge.  They try to back 2626001_1418707983.189_funddescriptionevery event they can.  They are members of Family Fellowship in Old River-Winfree and are good God-Fearing and praying people.

Mary’s mother, Georgia Fowlkes has been diagnosed with CLL/SLL which is 2 types of cancer. First one is in her bone marrow and other is in  her lymph nodes.

As you can see, she is up in age a bit, but young in spirit.  Mary looks a lot like her, doesn’t she?  Georgia is a blessing to her family and friends.  They have been told with proper treatment she can expect to survive.  

We all know the treatment is expensive with chemo and weekly doctor visit, and, frankly medical insurance doesn’t cover to the full extent.

In this case Georgia will be paying 20% of all expenses and her medical insurance pays 80%.  Of course, she is immensely worried.  At the age she is, this won’t help her fight the cancer in her body.

Social Security is not enough and the bills are piling up.

Please help by dropping by the Bake Sales or going to http://www.gofundme.com/hjmv2s

Help us make Georgia Smile!