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031414 004Kiel Williams, 2014 Old River-Winfree Founders Day President, presents Alex Karedia, Manager of Sam’s Express in Old River-Winfree with the ORWFD 2014 Business of the Year Award!

Sam’s Express is always on hand to help the community as much as possible.  One way they do this is by backing Old River-Winfree Founders Day and sponsoring the “My Best Friend” Dog Contest for two years in a row.

Kiel Williams is no stranger to the people of Old River-Winfree.  He has resided most of his life in Old River-Winfree and is known by most of residents.  Kiel also serves as a Volunteer Fireman at the Old River-Winfree Volunteer Fire Department.  He understands our community and knows what matters to us.  

Past winners of the Awards are Simple Simon’s with the “Helping Hands” 2012 Award for their help in the needs of our fellow residents; and R&L Auto 2013 Business of the Year Award winner with the Old River-Winfree Founders Day Classic Car and Truck Car Show.

We love our town and the businesses that choose to take a chance on us!

Let’s support each and every one of them!

You didn’t enter your dog at the 2013 ORWFD!  There is always this year at the 2014 ORWFD.  Second weekend in October.

Such fun for all the family and the dogs, too!

Categories are Small, Medium, and Large Dogs with SubCategories of “Best Dressed”,  “Most Talented”, “Best Smile”,  “Best Tail Wag” and Best “Caught in the Act” (dog must be present to with this one)

Here is a sampling of some of “My Best Friends”!

Until the last soldier or marine comes home, ORWFD 5K Run/Walk will support the Wounded Warrior Project and the Pfc Wesley Riggs Memorial Scholarship Fund.

You can still donate to the WWP and the Scholarship Fund at:

If you look hard, you will see Commissioner Rusty Senac and Old River-Winfree Councilwoman, Jackie Johnson running or walking to support our Veterans!  You will also see the Family of Pfc Wesley R. Riggs, Daniel Riggs, Vickie Riggs, and Brian Riggs.

Special thanks to Bob Botto, Race Manager, Tracie Comeaux, Shane Brand, Kiel Williams, Linda Murphy, Colleen Fontenot, among a few for organizing the race.

Thanks to the best hosts around, Barbers Hill Independent School District.

Barbers Hill Bank supports and continues to support, four years running, ORWFD, the Wounded Warrior Project, and the Pfc Wesley R. Riggs Scholarship Fund by paying all expenses incurred with their $5000 Sponsorship!

We welcome you to Old RIver-Winfree Founders Day 2013 with a look at the last 4 years.  We hope you enjoy a look back and come to the 2013 ORWFD.

Absolutely FREE Carnival Rides and games!  Texas Fallen Heroes Memorial Wall; Portrait of a Warrior, Ken Pridgeon;  Jean Epperson, Published Author of Bay Area History; Boyce Morris, Jr. Historical Old River-Winfree Artifacts; Vendors Galore, Miss Old River Country Pageant; “My Best Friend” Dog Contest; Pie, Cake, Cupcake Bakeoff and auction; Vintage Car and Truck Contest at R&L Auto Supply, and lots of fun!

Enjoy the video!

dogshowlogoOn a Friday Evening, October 12, 2012, community dog lovers gathered for the “My Best Friend” Dog Contest.  This year, the Dog Contest will be on Saturday and is sure to be a good time for both dog and “friend”!

They entered into the following Categories:

Category (check one or more) $5.00 ea category

   _________ Best Trick (Talent)

   _________ Best Dressed

   _________ Best Tail Wagging (Personality)

   _________ “Caught in the Act” Photo Contest  (simple

                       camera pictures are fine)

Each dog is divided into Small, Medium, and Large Breeds, so everyone stands to win!

We had some really interesting entries last year.  A couple of the dogs were rescued dogs and one, the Black Lab, understood commands in German!

Why this fun, cheap to enter, dog contest……Read below:

They are the ones that greet us at the door;  the ones that are in the back yard yapping up a storm, jumping for joy, and dancing around just because we are home, finally.

They guard our children, our homes, our lives; and let us know when danger is around real or perceived by them.

They help us to remember our childhood; those days of carefree abandon.  Before we knew the world was not always nice.

We are so busy and caught up in our lives; but look down into their eyes and see such love, unconditional love, loyalty, and devotion even though sometimes we forget to let them out and shame them because they potty on the floor.  Sometimes their food bowl goes empty a little too long and we wonder why they are gnawing on the furniture.  We forget to fill their water bowl and wonder why they drink out of the toilet.

Sometimes forgotten in the back yard, they stand vigil for us, their family.

Enjoy the video of some of our entrants and winners!  It was so much fun for everyone!

Go to the Events Page on Old River-Winfree Founders Day Website, scroll down to the Dog Contest, click on the Form page, save and print.

Yes, it’s time again for all our little girls and young ladies to shine.  Great -Grandparents, Grandparents, and mom and dads will be busting with pride as their little babies join us in our unique Pageant where Natural Beauty that only comes from sweetness within WINS over outward beauty!

This Pageant strives to instill in our girls that each is unique and wonderful, just as they are!

It’s a fun, fun, fun contest, so get those entries in or come out and support Old River Country (now known as West Chambers County) girls.  Other counties are allowed to enter.  We understand that they got here just as soon as they  could!

Enjoy the Video!

new ad fbAs President of Old River-Winfree Founders Day and the 5K Run/Walk Benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project in Memory of Pfc Wesley R. Riggs, I have walked in the 5K Run/Walk. I weighed 190 lbs, 62 years old, and totally out of shape.

But, I didn’t care! I knew I wanted to walk, the best I could, for our heroes coming back from the Afghanistan and Iraq Theaters of War! I knew that every time my foot hit the ground, I was extending a hand to a soldier or marine in need of support. A hand to help the Wounded Warrior Project lift them our of despair (PTSD which is very prevalent), and help them physically, mentally, and spiritually!

I walked in flip flops and had quite a hard time keeping up with the other walkers. But, I finished, I did it!

I felt so good when I saw the finish line coming up! The fastest time that day was 17 minutes; I was the very last to cross the finish line, but I was just as proud as if I had come in first!

Tears come to my eyes as I think of that day and what it meant to me and those I was helping. Those my big old feet were giving hope to.

Please join me as I participate again this year! By the way, I finished in 1 Hour and 15 minutes!! 

Beat that time! Great T-Shirts; Babies can participate in the Stroller Derby; Kid’s in the Kid’s Fun Run, too!

This is our 5th year to do this and we have made it a First Class Event for you! Party afterwards for participants!

Help me, help our warriors!

PS:  I now weigh 140 lbs and am 63 years old!

The making of the 2013 5K Run/Walk Benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project in Memory of Pfc Wesley R. Riggs T-Shirt:

The graphics, t-shirt material, and wording were chosen with great care this year as Old River-Winfree Founders Day is ever mindful of the sacrifice our military and their families make every day since 1776.  The following is a short history of what brought the ORWFD Team forward to the choosing of the graphics for this year’s T-Shirt that any American would be proud to wear year-round!

“When the Second Continental Congress assembled in Philadelphia in May 1775, Washington, one of the Virginia delegates, was elected Commander in Chief of the Continental Army. On July 3, 1775, at Cambridge, Massachusetts, he took command of his ill-trained troops and embarked upon a war that was to last six grueling years.

December 1776 was a desperate time for George Washington and the American Revolution. The ragtag Continental Army was encamped along the Pennsylvania shore of the Delaware River exhausted, demoralized and uncertain of its future.

800px-Washington_Crossing_the_Delaware_by_Emanuel_Leutze,_MMA-NYC,_1851His decision was to attack the British. The target was the Hessian-held town of Trenton just across the Delaware River.

During the night of December 25, Washington led his troops across the ice-swollen Delaware about 9 miles north of Trenton. The weather was horrendous and the river treacherous. Raging winds combined with snow, sleet and rain to produce almost impossible conditions. To add to the difficulties, a significant number of Washington’s force marched through the snow without shoes.

The next morning they attacked to the south, taking the Hessian garrison by surprise and over-running the town. After fierce fighting, and the loss of their commander, the Hessians surrendered.

On April 30, 1789, George Washington, standing on the balcony of Federal Hall on Wall Street in New York, took his oath of office as the first President of the United States. “As the first of every thing, in our situation will serve to establish a Precedent,” he wrote James Madison, “it is devoutly wished on my part, that these precedents may be fixed on true principles.””

George Washing is quoted on many great sayings, one of the best and most thought provoking is this one from 1781.

“The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive veterans of early wars were treated and appreciated by our nation.” 

Added to this great quote is the American Eagle, the American Flag, and the ORWFD logo.  As always, the ORWFD 5K Run/Walk is held in Memory of Pfc Wesley R. Riggs and his family that paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Wesley R. Riggs was a graduate of Barbers Hill High School and accomplished that is three (3) years!  Barbers Hill Bank in Mont Belvieu, Texas a branch of Anahuac National Bank is the Exclusive Sponsor and has been for four (4) years running!

wicking t-shirtT-Shirt is the Runner’s style Wicking T-Shirt which is 100% polyester wicking knit * Wicks moisture away from the body * 

Color is “Barbers Hill” Blue

All American T–Shirts in Old River-Winfree is the Official Old River-Winfree Founders Day T-Shirt Vendor.

2013_5K Run_Walk


10-13-12 054The businesses in our area are always there for us when we need them.  Supporting a small community like Old River-Winfree in their celebration of history and pride is what these businesses do.

They are your friends and neighbors and deserve so much recognition, because they never let us down.

The following businesses were announced as Contest Sponsors at the May 13, 2013 Old River-Winfree City Council meeting for the 2013 Old River-Winfree Founders Day, a City Sponsored Event.

  • Barbers Hill Bank – 3K/5K Run/ Walk Benefitting the Wounded Warrior Project in Memory of Pfc Wesley R. Riggs
  • Sam’s Express – “My Best Friend” Dog Contest Sponsor
  • Carnes Engineering – Pie, Cupcake, Cake Bake-off and Auction
  • Dane Listi, Attorney at Law – Old River Country Natural Beauty Contest
  • R&L Auto Supply – Classic Car and Truck Contest

10-13-12 004We also are sponsored by the City of Old River-Winfree as a City Event, as mentioned above;  Advertising Expense is sponsored by Chambers County Commissioner’s Court.

Visit their website at and their Facebook Page at

To volunteer, email


John Farley, Manager of R&L Auto Supply in Old River-Winfree received the ORWFD 2013 "Business of the Year" Award from Colleen Fontenot, ORWFD President and Old River-Winfree City Council member

John Farley, Manager of R&L Auto Supply in Old River-Winfree, receives the ORWFD 2013 “Business of the Year” Award from Colleen Fontenot, ORWFD President and Old River-Winfree City Council member

R & L Auto Supply established in 1984 is located on FM 1409 in Old River-Winfree.  In a long held tradition, R & L has supported it’s community by providing dependable, quality auto parts and hardware for your home, inside and out.  They have this and much more.  See their link below from the Old River-Winfree Community News page.

They have also backed Old River-Winfree Founders Day since it’s inception in 2008 with the ORWFD Classic Car and Truck Contest.  2012 was a record breaking year for entries and they look forward to the 2013 Event the second weekend in October.  R & L sponsors the entire event with unique trophies, food, and even a band!

So thanks R&L for backing Old River-Winfree and Old River-Winfree Founders Day.

For more information what R & L Auto Supply carries click on this link  R & L Auto Supply.

Like them on Facebook at

Nowhere but Small Town USA can you find the best people and the most fun, and Old River-Winfree is a perfect example.

R&L Auto Supply, Page’s Paint & Body, and Mont Belvieu Auto Supply really put on the Ritz, hometown style.

Lots of Classic cars and trucks, PLUS a vintage Tractor and Motorcycle, really showed their shine at the 2012 ORWFD Classic Car & Truck Show.

It doesn’t get any better that this ORWFD Event put on at R&L Auto in good old Old River-Winfree.  

See some of the pictures below!

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It is not too late to get your entries in.  Moms are scrabbling, pet owners are calling, vendors are registering, bakers are baking.  It is so great to see how our communities are coming out to support Founders Day.

So, it is not to late, even up to an hour before the event.  Come one, come all!

We took some pictures of the trophies for the Mr/Miss Old River Country Natural Beauty Pageant with the sashes and crowns.  The pictures do not do them justice!  They are bigger and better than ever.  Participation trophies, too lets everyone go home with something!

Contact Linda at 281-385-1735 (City Hall) for information on entries OR contact the Chairperson listed on the entry forms.

Go to for all the forms, events and information!

See you’ll there!!

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We are still heading West,not much luck here,lots of swamp land. Too boggy for settlers,scouts are ahead of us by 1 day.We have word sent back from him Indians are present and river is near to high flat ground….With this high technology we have on board our wagons,we will be arriving where our scout is in 3 days…. just pulled the tents up and headed west….  


Come join us at Old River-Winfree Founders Day to greet these settlers!  See how they lived, cooking utensils, what they faced when they settled here in Old River and Winfree!

See Old River-Winfree Historian and Artifacts Caretaker, Boyce Morris, with unique artifacts from the 1800’s.  BRING THE CAMERA!!

Lots of Contests for the whole family!


2012 Old River-Winfree Founders Day Sponsors!

Free Pony Rides, Petting Zoo, Rock Wall, Mechanical Bull, Mini-Carousel!  “Rolling Thunder” Tribute!!  Vendors such as Avon, Scentsy, Tupperware, Studio Bobbie, Martin Birdhouses, Custom Walking Canes, Coffee Bar, Mary Kay.  Food Vendors from fried fish to Boudain Tamales, Frito Pies to Barbque!

See Ken Pridgeon of “Portrait of a Warrior”, Author Jean L. Epperson, Historical Artifacts of Old River-Winfree and a Historical Reenactment!

Enter the Bakeoff (cash prizes), “My Best Friend” Dog Contest (lots of fun), 5K Run/Walk, Motorcycle Contest, Old River Country Natural Beauty Pageant and have an all around great time.

Something for everyone this year.  

Visit and find out what all the talk is about!

“We have a few settlers looking for a great place to settle and call home.I hear there is a nice river to our West!We are out about a month away!We hear their are indians near and troubles,we are prepared and will be there soon!!! “

Signed, Billy Wallace, III

The Historical Reenactment, Historical Artifacts, Historical Living, and, this year, the Chambers County Historical Commission really add so much to Old River-Winfree Founders Day.  

How they lived, the tools they used, their living conditions are displayed so beautifully, you will run out of film in that camera.

Billy Wallace, III and his posse add to the excitement with their Historical Reenactment.

We have everything at Old River-Winfree Founders Day and it’s all FREE except for the contests!

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Come spend the day with us at Old River-Winfree Founders Day on October 12 and 13!  Free rides, DJ, Fun, Fun, Fun Contest, Chambers County Historical Commission, Ken “The Dauber” Pridgeon (Portrait of a Warrior Museum), Jean L. Epperson Book Signing, Old River-Winfree Historical Artifacts, Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge, Birds of Old River Country Exhibit, Historical Reenactment, and much, much more.

Go to to find out what a FUN, FAMILY event we offer!

Online registrations and Mail-in Registrations are coming in, so be sure and get registered to run or walk for a deserving project, The Wounded Warrior Project!

The first 50 get a T-Shirt with their packet!

Not much time left until Race Day on October 13th!

Go to and click on FORMS to register online or print and mail in your entry with your payment!

While you are on the website, visit the events page to see what else is going on that day.  Stay with us and experience HISTORY!

See you there!

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True patriots are always recognized by their actions.  Barbers Hill Bank, a branch of Anahuac National Bank, has proven this time and again.

Bob Allen at Barbers Hill Bank gave the go ahead for the 3rd year of Exclusively Sponsoring the 5K Run/Walk Benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project in Memory of Pfc. Wesley R. Riggs.  

Pfc Riggs graduated in three years from Barbers Hill High School and then felt the call to fight for America’s way of life and freedom.  He joined the Army and was eventually sent to Iraq where he gave the ultimate sacrifice in May 2005 in Tikrit, Iraq.   His story can be found at

Runners and Walkers come from far and wide to support this event.  The “Rolling Thunder” Tribute right before the race is made up by Christian Motorcyclists from Beaumont, Dayton, Mont Belvieu, and areas in between.

It is a truly honorable event for all concerned and seems to bring out the pride in America that patriots have.

Want to join the “Rolling Thunder” tribute or the race itself?  Just go to the website at and click on Events.  You can see all the events of Saturday, October 13th and read what Old River-Winfree Founders Day is all about……..Family!

Talk about a perfect fit!  Chris Arnold and A-Automotive!  Chris is a true American Patriot, so what better event to sponsor than the “Rolling Thunder” Tribute along with the Motorcycle Contest immediately following!  He is even going to serve breakfast to the “Riders”

The “Rolling Thunder” Tribute rides right before the Old River-Winfree Founders Day 5K Run/Walk that benefits the Wounded Warrior Project in Memory of Pfc Wesley R. Riggs.   

At this time, the Riders are starting from A-Automotive and rolling down FM 565 towards Old River-Winfree.  They will then take a turn on FM 1409 and followed by the ride through the Run Route in Woodland Acres.

We invite all who wish to participate in this moving, jaw-dropping, “kids got to see” event.

Just call the Circuit Riders-Mont Belviue Chapter at 713-402-8982 for all the information.

The 2012 Old River-Winfree Founders day is set for October 12 and 13, 2012.  The “Rolling Thunder” Tribute and the 5K Race, along with all other contests and vendors, are scheduled on Saturday.

Come join us!

Entry form and Parade Flyer are below!  Feel free to print out and pass around! This is a really great event and grows every year!

Contact for more information on Founders Day!


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