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The Cake, Pie, and Cupcake Bakeoff is another one of Old River-Winfree Founders Days good-time events.

This is the breakdown of the Awards:

$100 Cash Prize and Cup Trophy for Grand Overall Champion of Bake-Off

$100 Cash Prize and Trophy: Mrs. Ethel P. Ramsey Teen Excellence in Baking Award 

$25 Prize for Best in Cupcakes

$50 Prize for Best in Cakes

$50 Prize for Best in Pies

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Prizes in each Category (Cupcakes, Cakes, Pies)

We were really surprised last year when not one teenager entered the Teen Excellence in Baking Award!  Does that mean that moms and dads aren’t teaching their daughters or sons to bake from scratch.

Does this mean that television and media tells us we have to open a box or microwave a container to get a decent dessert…..We don’t know.

We hope that is not the case this year!  We hope teens bake a Pie or Cake from scratch and enter it in the contest.

It’s a win/win contest.  If your teen wins, he/she gets a $100 check AND a huge trophy.  Now what could please a teen more.

Whether the teen wins or doesn’t, all Cakes, Pies, and Cupcakes are Auctioned off to the highest bidder to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project and the Pfc Wesley R. Riggs Memorial Scholarship Fun.

See what we mean about a win/win…

Enter your Cake, Pies, and Cupcakes today by printing out the form below and dropping it off at the Old River-Winfree City Hall or mailing it with your check to:

Old River-Winfree Founders Day
City of Old River-Winfree
4818 FM 565 N.
Old River-Winfree  77523

OR you can drop by City Hall and Linda will give you an application to fill out.

Entry fees are just:

$5.00 for Cupcakes; $7.50 for Pies and Cakes; $2.50 for each additional entry any category!!

What are you waiting for…let’s get baking from scratch for the Wounded Warrior Project.

2013 Cake, Pie, Cupcake Contest

We are still heading West,not much luck here,lots of swamp land. Too boggy for settlers,scouts are ahead of us by 1 day.We have word sent back from him Indians are present and river is near to high flat ground….With this high technology we have on board our wagons,we will be arriving where our scout is in 3 days…. just pulled the tents up and headed west….  


Come join us at Old River-Winfree Founders Day to greet these settlers!  See how they lived, cooking utensils, what they faced when they settled here in Old River and Winfree!

See Old River-Winfree Historian and Artifacts Caretaker, Boyce Morris, with unique artifacts from the 1800’s.  BRING THE CAMERA!!

Lots of Contests for the whole family!


2012 Old River-Winfree Founders Day Sponsors!

Free Pony Rides, Petting Zoo, Rock Wall, Mechanical Bull, Mini-Carousel!  “Rolling Thunder” Tribute!!  Vendors such as Avon, Scentsy, Tupperware, Studio Bobbie, Martin Birdhouses, Custom Walking Canes, Coffee Bar, Mary Kay.  Food Vendors from fried fish to Boudain Tamales, Frito Pies to Barbque!

See Ken Pridgeon of “Portrait of a Warrior”, Author Jean L. Epperson, Historical Artifacts of Old River-Winfree and a Historical Reenactment!

Enter the Bakeoff (cash prizes), “My Best Friend” Dog Contest (lots of fun), 5K Run/Walk, Motorcycle Contest, Old River Country Natural Beauty Pageant and have an all around great time.

Something for everyone this year.  

Visit and find out what all the talk is about!

It’s that time again for the Over-The-Street-Sign to go up in front of City Hall on FM 565.

Thanks so much to City Secretary, Linda Murphy, and CenterPoint Energy for always getting this done!

Spread the word and be sure and visit the website at and click on EVENTS to find out the wonderful Events that are going to be going on this year!

Also, visit and “Like” our Facebook page at:

Come spend the day with us at Old River-Winfree Founders Day on October 12 and 13!  Free rides, DJ, Fun, Fun, Fun Contest, Chambers County Historical Commission, Ken “The Dauber” Pridgeon (Portrait of a Warrior Museum), Jean L. Epperson Book Signing, Old River-Winfree Historical Artifacts, Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge, Birds of Old River Country Exhibit, Historical Reenactment, and much, much more.

Go to to find out what a FUN, FAMILY event we offer!

Old River-Winfree Founders Day 2012 Pie, Cake, and Cupcake Bakeoff is Cash Prizes to the First Place Winners and a $200 Cash Prize to Best Overall.

This year we have added the “Teen Excellence in Baking” Award with a Cash Prize of $100. T

his is to encourage our young girls to bake.

All entries must be from SCRATCH, beginning to end. Please see the entry form below for more information!

The Bakeoff is sponsored by Carnes Engineering, Inc.

New this year is the Teen Excellence In Baking Award!  Whether it be Girl OR Boy, the winner gets a $100 Cash Prize, plus a Trophy that can be handed down from generation to generation!

So, come on teens, get those recipes out and BAKE!  Oh yes, you need to enter first.

Each Category of Cake, Pie, and Cupcake will also receive Cash Prizes and a Full Rosette, Red, White, and Blue Ribbon.

The Overall Best Baker will receive a $200 Cash Prize and a Trophy.  The Best Baker will come from all categories, but can not WIN in those categories.  In other words,  the overall winner get the $200 Cash Prize and Trophy in ONLY that Event.  They can not win TWO Trophies and Cash Prize to make it fair.

We welcome all cooks to join this fun event!  Recipes MUST be from scratch or will be disqualified!

Below is the easy to fill out form!  If you have any questions email at


Again this year, we have a prestigious line up of Judges for the Old River-Winfree Founders Day Bakeoff Contest to be held October 13, 2012 at the 4th Annual Event.  This event is open to boys and girls, men and women.  The judges are:

  • Ryan Holzaepfel, Emergency Management Coordinator and County Fire Marshall;
  • Scott Peal, Chambers County Attorney;
  • Constable “Butch” Bean, Constable for Precinct 4; and
  • Mayor Billy Combs, Mayor of Beach City.

After the winners are announced, the highly anticipated and lively auction starts with 90% of the proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project and 20% going to the Pfc. Wesley R. Riggs Memorial Scholarship Fund.  Wes graduated from Barbers Hill High School in three years and a deserving Senior there is a recipient of the Scholarship.

New this year are cash prizes to the Overall and 1st Place Winner in each category (Cake, Pie, Cupcake).  

Also new this year, is the Mrs. Ethel P Ramsey Teen Excellence in Baking Award  for the best Teen cook overall.  Founders Day hopes to encourage our young people to continue the art of baking and baking from scratch.

The Event is Sponsored by Carnes Engineering, Inc. and has been for four (4) years in a row!

Prizes this year are:

$200 Prize and Cup Trophy for Grand Overall Champion of Bake-Off

$100 Prize and Trophy  First Time Award:  Mrs. Ethel P. Ramsey Teen Excellence in Baking Award 

$25 Prize for Best in Cupcakes

$50 Prize for Best in Cakes

$50 Prize for Best in Pies

1st Place Prizes in each Category

The Entry Form is below OR you may go to the Old River-Winfree Founders Day website at and click on the “Events” or “Forms” tab at the top of the page.

Colleen Fontenot, ORWFD President; Bob Botto, 5K Run/Walk Race Manager; Mayor Joe Landry, Mayor of Old River-Winfree; Katelyn Kelly, Winner of the Pfc Wesley R. Riggs Memorial Scholarship Award; Bob Allen, Senior Vice-President, Barbers Hill Bank a Branch of Anahuac National Bank; Madison Kelly, sister of Katelyn; Darrla Kelly, Mother of Katelyn; Tim Kelly, Father of Katelyn; and Jeanette Green, ORWFD Bakeoff Chairman.

Old River-Winfree Founders Day, sponsored by the City of Old River-Winfree is proud to announce Katelyn Kelly as the winner of the Pfc. Wesley R. Riggs Memorial Scholarship Award given to a graduating senior at Barbers Hill High School.

One of the items required in the Application for this scholarship was an Essay on the Legacy of Pfc Wesley R. Riggs. Katelyn’s Essay was on “The Importance of Volunteerism”. This essay hit right on the sacrifice made by our Military and their families. Katelyn shows a maturity and understanding of our First Line of Defense Volunteers that is far beyond her years.

An excerpt from Kelly’s essay will help you understand why she was chosen.

“What if no one answered the call to protect our country and the freedom that so many people take for granted. Pfc. Wesley R. Riggs answered that call to volunteer to serve in the United States Army. I am sure it was a proud day when he joined and when he graduated boot camp. I bet there was no fanfare or recognition outside of his and his family’s pride and sense of accomplishment.

Unfortunately, it has taken an attack on American soil and two wars for Americans to appreciate this country’s first responders and our volunteer military. After the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Towers, when we watched the brave men and women of the NYFD rush into those towers as everyone was running away, Americans have appreciated the bravery and celebrated our first responders all across our country. After the call by our President to these attacks and to defend our way of life, thousands of young Americans bravely answered the call to volunteer and fight to defend our freedom. No one volunteers to die, whether it is fighting a fire, answering a police call or serving in the Military in a hostile country. These brave men and women, like Pfc Riggs, have all been doing a job, a job they were genuinely proud of, and doing it to the best of their ability. God has a plan for all of us and he uses our lives for a greter purpose. I am thankful that men and women like Pfc Riggs have volunteered to serve in our Military, and while far too many have died in service to our country, I believe that they all served a special purpose under God’s guidance. I am sure Pfc. Riggs’ family all understand what his purpose was, and while they miss him each and every day, they are proud of his accomplishments and his service to our country.”

Katelyn plans to attend Lee College where she will aim toward a Career in Medicine as an Emergency Room Nurse.

Katelyn was awarded $1,160 toward her tuition, books, etc. The Scholarship Award is derived from the Old River-Winfree Founders Day 5K Run/Walk, sponsored by Barbers Hill Bank and the Auction of Pies, Cake, and Cupcakes from the Bakeoff Contest sponsored by Carnes Engineering.

Colleen Fontenot, Old River-Winfree Founders Day, President; Bob Botto, Old River-Winfree Founders Day 5K Run/Walk Race Manager and Vice President, International Runner; Bob Allen, Barbers Hill Bank, Senior Vice President; Jeanette Green, Old River-Winfree Founders Day, Chairman Cupcake, Pie, Cake Bakeoff and Vice President; Kari Hughes, Barbers Hill Bank, New Accounts Representative; Lisa Cutbirth, Barbers Hill Bank, Teller Supervisor

On second weekend in October, the annual Old River-Winfree Founders Day hosts the 5K Run/Walk Benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project in Memory of Pfc. Wesley R. Riggs.  Pfc. Wesley R. Riggs, 19, of Chambers County, Texas, died May 17 in Tikrit, Iraq, from injuries sustained when an improvised explosive device detonated near his dismounted position. Riggs was assigned to the Army’s 2d Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment, 3d Infantry Division, Fort Stewart, Ga.

10% of the proceeds of the 5K Run/Walk and the Annual Cupcake, Pie, Cake Bakeoff go to the Memorial Scholarship Fund awarded to a deserving Senior at Barbers Hill High School.  This year the Fund has $1,162 waiting on that Senior.

Barbers Hill Bank, a Branch of Anahuac National Bank, has sponsored the 5K Run/Walk for 2 years running.  When Bob Allen, Senior Vice President, was asked what this event means to the bank, Mr. Allen simply stated, ““As a branch of Anahuac National Bank, Barbers Hill Bank takes pride in supporting our military”.   Bob Allen, accepted for the bank, the Old River-Winfree Founders Day Texas Appreciation Award shown in this picture.

Simply put, this event grows and grows every year through businesses, like Barbers Hill Bank, and Volunteers like Bob Botto, Race Manager; Jerren Young (not shown), Route Safety Chairman and Vice President; and all the runners that come from as far as Florida to pay tribute to our Wounded Warrior that keep us free to run races like this all over America.

The symbolic check shown represents the $10,466.67 the check that was sent to the Wounded Warrior Project after the ceremonial signing in a presentation to the Old River-Winfree City Council by the Founders Day in October 2011.  To this day, the Old River-Winfree Mayor, Joe Landry, and City Council have hanging the Proud Supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project banner in the Council meeting room.  The Mayor is a veteran himself.

Lots of proud Americans make this event a growing success, but with sponsors like Barbers Hill Bank absorbing all the expenses of putting on the race, 100% of entries and donations go to the Wounded Warrior Project and the Scholarship Fund.

Thanks for another successful year, Barbers Hill Bank from a grateful, small town like Old River-Winfree.

Not only were the entries up this year, but everyone brought their A List recipes.  Jeanette Green of Reflection Printing in Baytown and long time Old River-Winfree resident Chaired one of the most successful events of Founders Day.

After the Bakeoff, Jeanette Green and Michael Brown of the Archangels Silsbee (Auctioneer) headed up the most successful Auction of these fine entries to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project and the Pfc Wesley R. Riggs Memorial Scholarship Fund.  Michael Brown auctioned off these deserts for a total of $7605.  God really blessed this event!!

Thanks for all the entries even if you didn’t win a ribbon, you are a winner for the Wounded Warrior Project.

To find out how to enter next year’s event just go to, click on FORMS and find the Bakeoff Form.  Jeanette’s contact information is there.

Thanks again, Michael Brown and the Archangels of Silsbee and all those who bid on these Fabulous entries!!!

See you next year!!!!

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Vendors are setting up!  Food is being prepared!  You have got to see this!!!  All is affordable from the Vendors!!!

Here are some pictures I took this morning as Vendors were coming in.  REMEMBER this is a FREE Event, except for the Vendors, of course.  Come support out community!


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Join in West Chambers County’s Celebration of October 2011.  There is something for everyone!!!





Men and women alike enter this contest and all entries are auctioned off after judging to Benefit the Wounded Warrior Project and the Memorial Pfc Wesley R. Riggs Scholarship.

Get your kids involved in the Cupcake Bakeoff.  

Last year’s Bakeoff was such a success we are bringing it back!!  This will be our 3rd year where some of the best bakers (some will surprise you) bring out their treasured recipes and compete with each other for large ribbons with the Old River-Winfree Founders Day Official Seal gift certificates, and Grand Champion Baker Cup Award!

Sponsored again this year (three years running) by Carnes Engineering, Inc.. Spencer and Joy are heavily involved in community activities and support us every year!

It doesn’t matter your age or gender!  Bring it on!!  Everyone who wants to enter is invited.  We invite you to come from all over and join us!

Jeanette Green, resident of Old River-Winfree is the Chairman again this year.  She did such a wonderful job last year and has agreed to come back and organize this fun event.

Not only is there the good natured fun of the Contest, but after all is said and done and awards presented, we auction off EVERY entry with proceeds going to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project and 10% to the Pfc Wesley R. Riggs Memorial Scholarship Fund to a deserving Senior at Barbers Hill High School.

All you have to do is enter to make a difference in our Wounded Heroes lives and the life of a Senior at Barbers Hill High School planning to attend a college, trade school, or joining the military.  Pretty easy, isn’t it!

Below you will find the entry form and pictures from last year.  You may also go to and see videos from last year!

This event couldn’t have happened without the dedication of Jeannette Green and her vibrant, bubbly personality.  She really made the show!  Michael from Beaumont became a natural auctioneer, and the bakers who brought their beloved pie and cupcakes were at their best!  Good Job everyone!!

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ORWFD Cupcake/Pie Contest Auction raised around $2200 for the WWP and the Pfc Wesley R. Riggs Memorial Scholarship Fund.

These are just a few clips of the first of the Auction. It really heated up and bidding went crazy. We had one man donate a pie back to be auctioned off again. We had groups by a pie.  Eight (8) cupcakes went for $45.  One pie went for $600.

This event was like no other as it turned into a Tent Revival, Good Old Fashion Camp Meeting.

Don’t know why churches don’t do that anymore around here. It is a lost tradition I personally would like to see come back.

Everyone of the Motorcyclist are Christian and some brought their preachers with them that support the group.  These are also the guys that made the “Rolling Tribute” so large with the guidance of Wayne Anderson, Circuit Riders – Mont Belvieu Chapter.

YOU should have been there and YOU should have had an entry.  We had one man enter and he one 1st place in the category he participated in.  It’s about the cause, not being Macho.

Be there next year to experience something you have NEVER seen before.

Well, I can’t talk or move, but I am praising my Lord this morning for what happened yesterday, July 17, 2010.  The Holy Spirit definitely was with us under the Big Tent at the Old River-Winfree Fairgrounds.  I believe it was because of the Wounded Warrior Project.  The Lord seemed to follow wherever the Wounded Warrior Project and Pfc Wesley R. Riggs name was being honored.

We were praising the Lord; prayers were being said; and what started as a Heartfelt auction benefitting the Wounded Warrior Project and the Pfc Wesley R. Riggs Memorial Scholarship Fund of the beautiful pies and cupcakes, turned into a Camp Meeting of old where people were out in the open air holding Services.  You must understand, it did not start out as that, but the Lord turned it into that.  I give all the Glory to Our Lord for what happened.

First of all, I saw a group of men from the CMA-Beaumont Chapter who were there for the “Rolling Tribute” honoring the Wounded Warriors under the Big Tent.  I asked them if anyone would like to Auction off the Cupcakes and Pies.  They pointed to a man named Michael who come to find out has a son right now in Iraq.  Michael reluctantly accepted the challenge of Auctioneer.  I witnessed him turn into a Natural Auctioneer, but the difference was, he is a Christian!  Again, I have never seen anything like it.  The Pastor from Beaumont who accompanied the CMA (Christian Motorcylelists Association-Beaumont Chapter) was filled with the Holy Spirit and in the middle of the auction felt led to pray the most wonderful, passionate to our Lord, prayer that had us all going!

Jeanette Green was given to us by God and blossomed into the most charismatic Natural Emcee and presenter I have ever seen.  I don’t think you knew you had it in you, Jeanette.

Ms Ethel’s (of Cinderblock Restaurant) recipes, that she unselfishly gave to us in 2009 and have been kept secret, will be sent to a calligrapher and professionally rendered to parchment paper where copies will be made and donated to the ORWFD Historical Archives and sold after they are accepted by Boyce Morris, ORWFD Historian.   I asked for her complete permission yesterday and it was graciously given.

Ms Ethel’s pies auctioned off yesterday for up to $600.  Who wouldn’t want an award winning recipe.  Our Ms Ethel has competed in the Dallas State Fair and fairs all over Texas where she consistently wins!  Every pie and cupcake was sold.  I didn’t know cupcakes were so expensive.

Because of the ladies and one man (Ms Ethel’s son), we raised in excess of $2200 (of which 90% will go to the Wounded Warrior Project and 10% to the ORWFD Pfc Wesley R. Riggs  a pie. Memorial Scholarship Fund to a deserving Senior at Barbers Hill High School).

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