Old River in Old River-Winfree, Texas

Old River in Old River-Winfree, Texas

Old River-Winfree Community News is dedicated to Old River-Winfree and information about Old River-Winfree and Chambers County, Texas in general.

This is an informational blog; a blog where we learn about each other, our community and its businesses.

There are many aspects of this blog, including “Be on the look out for”,  “Rumor Has It”,  “Lessons in Your Local Government”, and other Neighborhood Watch categories to keep you informed.

We will let you know of “Stars” that shine and stand out heroes.  We will let you know about business in the area that do an exemplary job for your money.

July 1979  Old River-Winfree was incorporated, declaring independence against the threat of perceived taxation.

This tradition carries on as Old River-Winfree citizens to this day are not taxed by the City on property.