baby-jesusMany of us leave the comfort of our homes very, very early in the morning to journey, yet again, toward our place of work.  Many of us drive down FM 565 N heading through the town of Mont Belvieu toward Highway 146 and points beyond.

During this time of year, when we are deluged by “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”; Elf on the Shelf; Olaf, etc; Mont Belvieu with dignity, grace, and the quietness of determination, erects in a prominent corner of the City Hall Complex, a lighted Nativity Scene that honors and draws attention to the real reason for this season.

Fittingly it is in front and stands vigil over the Vietnam Veterans Wall put up so many years ago.

The light of the Nativity Scene with Joseph, Mary, and the Blessed Baby Jesus brings a comfort to all that pass; it brings our hearts away from the commercialized Christmas we have today.   It tells our soul to the stop and think on what we are really supposed to be rejoicing about, right there in front of us: The Birth of the Most High King, sent by the One God, our Heavenly Father, to, decades later, literally die for our sins.

Now, Mont Belvieu does have a “nod” to sleigh and presents, but it is over to the side and not a place of prominence.

The people of Mont Belvieu should be proud of the town they live in and support.  You should thank your city officials for what people who don’t even live in this small town feel when that pass by the “lights.

May God Bless the City of Mont Belvieu and those that live there.  You are blessing a whole community of people you don’t even know.