americavetsDid you fly our American Flag on Flag Day?  Or you planning on putting one up for July 4th weekend.

Did you know that Flag Day is also the Anniversary of the forming of the Army?   Two hundred thirty-nine years ago, our nation’s leaders established the Continental Army as the strategic landpower of the joint force, the Army was and is called upon to Prevent, Shape, and Win against our adversaries.

Did you know this was a year before the United States 1776 Declaration of Independence: The Continental Congress ratified the declaration by the United States of its independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain?

That little history leads up to my drive down Eagle Drive in Mont Belvieu.   I was so proud to see all the flags at the businesses and the Mont Belvieu City Hall Complex. It was quite uplifting and showed that town’s patriotism.  The Lion’s Club of Mont Belvieu loyally puts out all these flags at members’ places of business.  Mont Belvieu puts out their own flags by the beautiful Vietnam memorial.

I turn onto FM 565 and drove past the Old River-Winfree City Hall expecting to see it in full regalia since Old River-Winfree is blanketed by veterans of most foreign wars.

I was very disappointed and saddened to see nothing but the regular flag pole with nothing else to mark even the day.  Mont Belvieu had them up all week

Now what is wrong or what is the excuse that our elected officials and the Mayor’s office can not take the time to put the flags that the taxpayers of Old River-Winfree have paid for time and again?  You tell me.

I turned down FM 1409 and saw the same thing.  No flags at our businesses, not a one.

Does Old River-Winfree need something like the Lion’s Club, but something unique, just like Old River-Winfree that assists in getting these flags up.  Should the businesses buy their own flags that we, as residents, can be proud of and that will let the passersby know we are the patriotic town we are.

If you are a business reading this email, think about a trip to Walmart or wherever you prefer and purchase a flag you can fly for July 4th and all the other Patriotic Holidays.

To the Old River-Winfree government, shame on you for robbing the citizens of seeing Old Glory flying in full force for all to see.  Shame on you for not flying the flag that our men and women have fought for in war after war after war.  

These heroic men and women come home with injuries that sometimes can’t be seen.  Their families have stood with them and waited for their return.

Now, Woodland Acre is scattered with flags of America, Texas, and POW’s and are flown year round!  Good for you Woodland Acres!  Keep flying Old Glory for our veterans!

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