1506619_854941484521565_4212718246980242078_nWe all go through hard times in our life.  Financial, depression, friends disappointing you, family problems, and health.  Old River-Winfree know the Wilson family through Dwight’s Discount Liquor and the smiling face of Sandra Wilson.  Reported in an earlier post, Sandra’s Daughter,  Melissa we told how Melissa was going through the fight of her life again cancer.

From the benefit we posted for Melissa, funds were collected to help her continue the chemo and then on to radiation.

Well, this day, today, was the very last day of chemo!  Hallelujah!  

Melissa has the most unbelievable bravery, stubbornness, and just plain old tenacity  in the face of this horrendous disease.  Just look at her in the picture with her thumb up!

You’re going to beat this Melissa.  

I told her no words could express what encouragement we want to give her to continue her forward in this journey she has been put on.

This video is for all who are going through something right now, no matter how small or large it may seem.  

But, Melissa, again, this one’s for you!   Turn up your speakers!