DSHS Issues Oil Spill Precautions

Oil4Due to the recent oil spill in Galveston Bay, DSHS advises people not to eat seafood from areas contaminated with oil. People should not keep or eat seafood that has oil on it or tastes or smells like oil. DSHS also advises people not to swim in areas where they can see oil.

There is no indication that seafood in the marketplace has been impacted by the oil spill. DSHS has increased surveillance at seafood wholesalers and distributors to help ensure that seafood that makes its way to the marketplace is not contaminated. DSHS also will be collecting and sampling seafood from the impacted waters to test for contamination.

DSHS has not closed any areas to the harvesting of fish, shrimp or crabs. Unrelated to the spill, Galveston Bay is temporarily closed to oyster harvesting.