flowerfields2012 113THE ROSE CORNER
What to do in March

Most roses require 6 to 8 hours of sun, good air circulation and raised beds.
Roses need one inch of water a week.

  • Pruning should be completed ASAP.
  • This is your last chance for transplanting.
  • Plant container roses.
  • Clean up underneath the bushes, weed the beds.
  • Repair your irrigation system; drip irrigation is best for roses.
  • Fertilize, use slow release chemical-and organic fertilizer (Alfalfa Tea), roses are heavy feeders.
  • Add mulch, at least 3-4 inches; do not cover the bud union or the thick woody ball at the connection between the roots and upper stems.
  • Start your preventative spray program; use a high pressure water spray wand to clean up mites, aphids and the like. Look for organic sprays to reduce fungal diseases.

Alfalfa Tea:
Combine 10-12 cups alfalfa pellets in a 32 gallon trash can filled with water, stir regularly.
Optional Additives:
1 cup Epson Salt
2 cups fish emulsion
2 cups iron







The Houston Rose Society is an excellent source for growing roses and is well worth the $15.00 annual dues.