Support Keystone XL Pipeline NOW!

We have a limited opportunity to let the Federal government know that the Keystone XL is important to our area.  Here are the Top Five reasons KXL needs to be completed:

1.       Over 40,000 jobs will be supported

2.       830,000 barrels a day of North American crude will be pumped to refineries in our area.

3.       Pipelines are the safest way to transport energy resources.

4.       Will result in 43% reduction in overseas crude oil imports.

5.       Will help gasoline prices.

Please do two things today:  1)  Complete the date on the attached Support Letter, print, sign and mail to the address indicated.  (Yes, it takes some effort but is extremely important.)  2)  Click on this link and register your support.  http://buildkxlnow.org/take-action/sign-up/

If you can only do one thing, please send the letter. – Then forward this information to everyone you know.  We will make a difference.

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