5K 004On October 12, 2013 Old River-Winfree Founders Day and the Community of Old River-Winfree welcomes back the Texas Fallen Heroes Memorial Wall.

This traveling wall is the only one of it’s kind featuring a tribute to each 20th Century war with the numbers of Heroic Warriors lost and the Heroic who fought for Freedom with them.

Each war is featured on it’s Wall beautifully and artistically etched in stone up to the pictorial account of each and every Texas Hero who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the Iraq and Afghanistan Theaters of War.

The wall ,when put together, is huge and an extremely moving tribute to those who died for our freedom.

For ORWFD to host the wall for a second year is amazing as you don’t see it in Liberty or Chambers Counties.  This is a perfect opportunity for you and your family.

The family of the local businesses of A-Automotive and Kwik Kar Oil & Lube are champions of Freedom and those who fight for it.  Our Veterans, our Military (whether they are serving or stand ready to serve) are always in their hearts and thoughts.

The Wall has grown since it was last at the 2011 ORWFD.   It will be a reminder of those lost and those who will never be forgotten!  It is so big that we will have the Old River-Winfree City Hall parking lot blocked off from traffic just to hold the wall and Ken “The Dauber” Pridgeon of Portrait of a Warrior Gallery.

When Chris of A-Automotive was asked, he immediately said “Yes, by all mean Yes”.  

ORWFD is proud to stand with A -Automotive and Kwik Kar to honor these fine men and women!

A must see and Bring Your Cameras!  It is something to behold!