imagesThe Rally is not for any one church or any one school!  It is not a Memorial Service; but rather a rally to remind teenagers that there is hope and to honor a LIFE that is lost, who brought so much joy and a willing smile to those around her.

One of the organizers, Danny Phillips says, “It is very much a rally to get these students excited about LIFE rather than how much LIFE lets them down.”

“The whole point is to help them understand that God’s got a purpose for each and every one of them, and this life, as hard as it may get, is not the end-all.”

“We want this to be an event for our community – not for Mont Belvieu, or not for Baytown, or not for Eagle Heights.  This is for every teenager – or adult, really – who will just open up and listen.”

The Purpose Rally reminds young people that there is hope and purpose in life and will be held at 7:00 p.m., Wednesday, at Eagle Heights Fellowship (because of weather concerns), 14120 Highway 146, near Mont Belvieu.

exerpts from Baytown Sun