Gov. Rick Perry today sent a letter to President Obama urging him to rescind the administration’s decision to exempt Congress from parts of Obamacare.

Dear President Obama,

It is simply unconscionable that your administration is allowing members of Congress to escape the harshest economic consequences of Obamacare, while ignoring the plight of middle class Americans.

I have maintained from the start that forcing anyone to purchase a product they do not want creates a burden and a hardship. Allowing this exemption effectively amounts to an admission by you that this mandate will, indeed, have that impact on people.

However, it’s hard to understand why the hardships of Congress are somehow more important than the hardships of hard-working Americans and businesses throughout the country.

Who is looking out for those not in Congress? Why is it okay for working Americans to face skyrocketing premiums and more out-of-pocket costs and not okay for Washington politicians?

Since the ACA was passed, you have assured us that the more we get to know the ACA, the more we would like it. It’s telling that the people who know the ACA best – members of our Congress – want nothing to do with it.

This is yet another example of how little to nothing about the ACA has gone as you said it would, as it becomes increasingly convoluted by steps taken by your administration to gain support for this misguided law.

I urge you to reverse this decision. Members of Congress must be treated just like everyone else in the country.


Rick Perry