boyce-morrisBoyce Morris, Jr. was born in Louisiana, and raised on a farm in Mississippi, Moved to Texas in 1971, and in 1976 move to Old River Winfree. Throughout his school years he was interested in History more than any other subject. All his life he has enjoyed searching for historical artifacts, relics, and Indian artifacts. He has owned metal detectors most of his life, and spent time doing what he likes to do.

He loves to share his finds with others, so they can see, and enjoy what was a part of our past, and history. He has dreamed of being on  a battle field from the past wars, and seeing what was left behind. When he was drafted into the service his dream came true. He was stationed in Korea on the DMZ where the Korean war was fought. The bunkers, tanks, and much more that was in his dreams was there.

He worked at Shell Chemical in Deer Park, Texas where he retired after thirty four years. Now he can spend time with his Wife, and  three daughters, Kimberly, Rebecca (Becky), and Karen. He has five wonderful grandchildren, Trenton, Samantha, Jordan, Emily, and Ean. He is a member of Eagle Heights Fellowship church in Mt. Belvieu Texas.

button1One of Boyce’s finds was featured in the “Western and Eastern Finds” Magazine because of its rarity.

Article Reads:

Texas Navy Button

Value:  $1,750 +

texasnavybuttonTime was when the land now known as the Lone Star state was literally another country – the Republic of Texas – and from 1836 to 1846 it defended its sovereignty with an army, navy, and marine corps.  Boyce Morris, Jr. has the relics to prove it.  “Back in October, I had an urge to go hunting at a site that has yielded many Republic of Texas items to me.  Not only do I have the owner’s permission, but he has given me the exclusive freedom to detect the property.  I had no idea that this area was so full of history, but nearly every time I go, something shows up.”  On this visit, that “something” was a rare Republic of Texas Navy button.  “It was a weak signal, really deep, and in a spot I’ve searched many times.  Somehow I’d just missed it.  It was the thrill of my life to find such a significant historical relic!”  In addition to continuing his work in the field, Boyce looks forward to sharing his discoveries with other later this year, and in years to come.  “In July 2009, there will be a Founders Day Celebration for our small city of Old River-Winfree, Texas.  I will be there as an ambassador with my collection on exhibit.  Maybe one day there will be a museum build, and then my collection can be placed in it for everyone to enjoy as I have.”

Old River-Winfree, Texas is a town heaped in History and Tradition.  Founders Day commemorates and celebrates the founding of our community, promotes cooperation and volunteerism in the community, generates community spirit and recreation, and enhances the economic welfare of the town.

July 1979, Old River-Winfree was incorporated joining the two towns of Old River (North of Old River Bridge) and Winfree (South of Old River Bridge).  This incorporation declared independence against the threat of further taxation.

Old River-Winfree Founders Day celebrates not just the original settlers from the early 1800’s, but also, that independent spirit of those that gathered on that hot July day to band together and incorporate the towns of Old River and Winfree.  This is part of the heritage and pride of our town.