All over America High School Seniors are graduating.  They are embarking on a new phase of their life; another “Right of Passage”.

444.mediumThis Editor drove by our Community School, Barbers Hill IDS, and watched as 100’s, maybe even thousands, of family and loved ones left their parked cars to file into the Stadium.

Old River-Winfree Community News wishes them well;  prays, as they start on their new adventure of adulthood, that their decision will be sure and just.  We all pray that these decisions keep them safe and on a focused course for the rest of their lives.  We pray that they will be the right decisions.

Congratulations graduates!  Remember who you are and what your parents and teachers taught you and have a great, clean life!

TransportationBarbers Hill ISD has delivered Excellence, now, graduates, it’s your turn!


Watch Graduation Ceremonies
Posted 06/07/2013 06:51PM
Live streaming of the Class of 2013 Graduation ceremonies will begin at 8:00pm. ClickWatch Graduation Ceremonies to view.