speeding-car-halfWhat gives you the right to speed through our neighborhood like a “bat out of hell”!

Our children and grandchildren are precious to us!  The peace we seek when we come home from a long day at work or school is shattered by speeding cars and small racing motorcycles that are absolutely breaking the law.  Don’t think we aren’t watching, because we are.

The speed limit on Shady Lane, for example, is 30 miles an hour!  We are seeing vehicles start at one end or a side street and hit points along Shady Lane hitting in excess of  60 MPH. 

Chambers County has a new Sheriff now that hears our pleas, and will be watching for these kind of lawbreakers!  You are on notice!

Please, read the following news story of what happened in one sleepy neighborhood:

A car speeding through a residential neighborhood jumped a curb and plowed through yards where children were playing, and then hit a woman sitting on a porch. Two of the children died early Wednesday.


A teen-ager was arrested.

Residents estimated the car was traveling at about 80 mph in a 25-mph zone Tuesday before it swerved and jumped the curb into a series of yards.

“It hit the kids like it was the bowling ball and they were the bowling pins,” said witness Deborah Wright.

After striking the four children, the car ran up a set of porch steps and struck a 75-year-old woman, then crashed into another house and tore off the porch roof.

Police said driver Dwion Wasson, 18, fled the scene but was arrested nearby a short time later. He was initially charged with vehicular assault and leaving the scene of an accident, but police said the charges likely would be upgraded because of the deaths.

Ce-Andre Stanford, 9, died early Wednesday at Children’s Hospital, according to a nursing supervisor. Jeffrey Neal, 16, died later at Ohio State University Medical Center. Bruce Thompson, 8, and Nate Bowers, 13, were listed in fair condition, both with broken legs.

imagesIf you want to speed, you can go to Royal Purple Raceway on street car night and race to your hearts content, but don’t speed in our neighborhood!

Again, you are on notice and we are watching!

Our lives and our  kid’s lives depend on you obeying the laws of Texas!