Texas Superstar Plants

resizeOne of the keys to the success of Texas Superstar® program is the quality and reliability of the plant material that is highlighted in educational and marketing campaigns. Every effort is made to ensure that highlighted plants will perform well for Texas consumers. Wherever appropriate, limitations to highlighted plants are mentioned during marketing campaigns. Additionally, cultural information is provided to give the consumer guidance regarding proper plant care.

The decision as to which plants are highlighted in Texas Superstar® marketing campaigns is made by the Texas Superstar® Executive Board (Tim Davis–College Station; Mike Arnold–College Station; Greg Grant–Nacogdoches; Dan Lineberger–College Station; Cynthia McKenney–Lubbock; Brent Pemberton–Overton; Larry Stein–Uvalde). The Board typically plans marketing campaigns at least two to three years in advance. Advisory input is received from the statewide Texas Superstar® Advisory Board which is composed of TAMU horticulturists, nursery professionals, growers, seed company representatives, county horticulturists, arboretum and botanical garden representatives, horticultural writers, and landscape designers.

The Executive Board’s decision as to which plants should be highlighted is primarily based upon observations made at replicated plots and demonstration trials across the state. In some cases, recommendations made by university horticulturists in other southern states are also considered. Because ornamental plant performance can be rather subjective, the Board gathers as much input as possible from competent horticulturists who understand the importance of both landscape performance and marketability. Another important factor considered when selecting plants for educational and marketing campaigns is whether sufficient numbers of plants can be produced to meet the increased consumer demand generated by Texas Superstar® efforts.

For individual plant information go to Texas Superstar Plants or click on the links below.

Annual Plants

Angelonia SerenaTM Series
Baby’s Breath Euphorbias

Texas Bluebonnets
Texas Maroon Bluebonnets
Burgundy Sun Coleus
Plum Parfait Coleus
Cool Season Euphorbias
Gomphrena, Globe Amaranth
Dakota Gold Helenium
Rio Series Mandevillas
Laura Bush Petunia
Tidal WaveTM Cherry Petunia
Tidal WaveTM Silver Petunia
Butterfly Deep Pink Pentas
Vinca series
New WonderTM Scaevola
Per-Annuals Plants

Caesalpinia, Pride-Of-Barbados
Duranta, Brazilian Sky Flower
Gold Star Esperanza
Firecracker Jatropha
Variegated Tapioca
Woody Shrubs

Lowery’s Legacy Cenizo
Belinda’s Dream Rose
Grandma’s Yellow Rose
‘Knock Out’ Rose
‘Marie Daly’ Rose
Texas Lilac Vitex
Perennial Plants

Texas Gold Columbine
Flare Hibiscus
Lord Baltimore Hibiscus
Moy Grande Hibiscus
New GoldTM Lantana
Trailing Lantana
Malvaviscus, Turks Cap 
Dwarf Mexican Petunia
John Fanick Phlox
Victoria Phlox
Mexican Bush Sage
‘Henry Duelberg’ Salvia
‘Mystic Spires Blue’ Salvia
Blue Princess Verbena

Deciduous Holly
Shantung Maple
Lacey Oak
Chinkapin Oak
Chinese Pistache
Specialty Plants

‘Green Magic’ Broccoli
Graptophyllum, Caricature Plant
Phalaenopsis Orchids
Satsuma Mandarin
‘NuMex Twilight’ Ornamental Pepper
BHN 444 Tomato