32165_565759866786892_25604282_nFrom our heroine:

It is OFFICIAL! The puppies will all be spayed and neutered thanks to our wonderful donor. Thank You! They will also all have their rabies shot done at the same time. We are so grateful that someone cares enough to do this so that it is easier for them to find a loving home.

You can still ~ and should ~ come see them now and choose the puppy you want. I will take them to have the surgery and take care of the post op needs and then they can go to their forever home.

Please pass this photo album on so everyone can see the NEW status. These puppies will have EVERYTHING already done when adopted and the adoptive family will only need to get the heart worm preventative meds. No need for shots for a year. And I have to thank volunteers and A New Dawn and some friends from church who have all donated more dog food.

It really helps so much as Herb & I are helping these guys on a pretty tight budget but we enjoy every minute of it!

Our God is a loving God!