32165_565759866786892_25604282_n It was a rainy morning and about 40 degrees along a Farm Road near Old River-Winfree.  A certain lady was driving down that road headed to work.  She looked through the rain to the side of the road and saw, cold and wet, a litter of puppies someone had dumped.  

This lady is an unusual lady.  She pulled over, turned around, and picked up the entire litter!  Talk about righting a horrible wrong!  

She took those puppies home and over the next couple of weeks, gave each one of them their shots and wormed them on a regular basis, the entire time, looking for a good home for them.

From out heroine:

We’re past the 14 day quarantine period I wanted to wait before finding them homes to be sure no one had distemper or parvo. They are all thick and healthy as can be. They are FREE to loving homes but You will need to get them their rabies shot and get them spayed or neutered. They are about three-four months old now and will all be mid weight to large weight dogs. They really look like all from the same litter because of certain features. It appears they are a mix of lab/rottie/ and maybe some spaniel. Then there is the tan one, Chinook? Mastiff maybe? and the chocolate male has pit features but none of the others do. They are all cute and will probably get to about 40-55 lbs.

321039_565760310120181_1561347601_nThe moderator of ORWCN, through a friend of our heroine, saw the puppies on Facebook and picked one out and brought that sweet puppy home.  From actual experience, these puppies are sweet-natured and love kids.  


If you have a place in your heart for one of these puppies and can provide a good, loving home to these puppies who have been through so much, please email anne@adamephoto.com