Liberty County Fire Marshal reports the fire on Indian Ridge started at a wii control.

The Fire Marshal reported that they are finding that the wii controllers are subject to overheating.  Best advice is to unplug the controller when you are finished with a game.

He actually advised, if you go on a trip, to unplug your TV, Computers, and Games from the electrical outlets.

This is not to say that if you go down to the store for milk the same thing wouldn’t happen.  You could also be right in your home and a fire start.

He said every time a breaker trips, it looses a percentage of its efficiency.

Moral of the fire:  Don’t overload your electrical sockets with all the new gadgets we have attached to our computers and TV’s.

Update your breakers as needed to handle the new equipment and add-ons.

We hope the Fire Marshal’s words of caution will prevent a loss of home or life.