41BcdzI34pL._SL500_AA300_The Lease Law enacted in 1997, is being enforced by the City of Old River-Winfree through the Code Enforcement Officer.  Just last month six (6) animal owners were ordered to appear below the Old River-Winfree Municipal Court for violations against this Leash Law.  

Make no mistake, there are fines and court fees that can be associated with this violation as warrant by the City Judge.  Four (4) owners did not appear and they will face further action by the Court.

The City of Old River-Winfree takes this very seriously, BUT, if you don’t report loose dogs, aggressive dogs. dogs running in packs, etc., it is your fault, not the City’s.

Just don’t complain about it; REPORT IT.

The City of Old River-Winfree contracted our Current Code Enforcement Officer last year and he is doing a good job.

Dogs running up and down the streets, being dumped off, killing cats, and other animals is becoming epidemic.  Don’t you think it is time you report it before it gets totally out of hand (it is almost to that state now).

The City of Old River-Winfree is a town where adults and kids can have horses, cows for 4-H, pigs, and chickens.

A pack of dogs chasing after your child down the street bodes a tragic scenario for all of us.  

So, read the ordinance below and contact Linda Murphy at City Hall at 281-385-1735 with questions or to report a stray dog, loose dog, etc., even if they have a collar.

leashlawordinance 001 leashlawordinance 002 leashlawordinance 003

leashlawordinance 004