Pasadena police have canceled an Amber Alert for a four-month-old who they say was taken from a day care by her grandmother without permission Friday.

The alert was issued for Kaitlyn Lavois, who was reportedly taken by her grandmother, Robin Lavois, without the parents’ approval or knowledge.

Both the baby and her grandmother were spotted in the grandmother’s car by police on Preston this morning, no more than a mile from her home.

Police said Kaitlyn has been safely returned home with no injuries. 

Detectives are interviewing Robin Lavois and working with the district attorney’s office to determine charges.

The two disappeared in Baytown around 9:30pm Friday. 

According to police, Robin Lavois purchased baby formula from an ad on Craigslist in San Leon around 9am Friday. The seller called Pasadena police after she saw the Amber Alert this morning.

The grandmother has an arrest record. According to court documents, past charges include evading arrest and two felony indictments for assaulting family members.

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