“I am still Sheriff for Chambers County, and I am in my office five days a week, working, doing my job” said Sheriff Joe LaRive in response to accusations that he has not been in his office and no one was in charge. District Attorney Cheryl Lieck is asking for LaRive’s resignation, because he accepted a new job as City Marshall for the City of Baytown recently. According to Lieck no one is in charge at the Chambers County Sheriff’s department, morale is low and people are not showing up for work. She would like to seek a suit against the Sheriff for back wages and benefits.

According to County officials, LaRive has not done anything illegal, by accepting the job with Baytown and at this time they did not feel it would serve any purpose to pursue a lawsuit against him. Several elected county officials also maintain businesses or jobs outside of their offices.

LaRive decided to not seek re-election for his position this term, and does not plan to resign from office until the end of his term, which ends on December 31 of this year. LaRive stated that his chief deputy and chief jailer are at their posts and available during times he is away from his office. “The administration of my office is being performed and business is being taken care of at the Sheriff’s department” said LaRive.

Early voting has begun October 22 – November 6 for the General Election. Brian Hawthorne won the Republican Primary election for the sheriff position, and is unopposed on the General Election ballot. Hawthorne should be sworn into the sheriff position on January 1, 2013.

Source:  Anahuac Progress