New this year is the Teen Excellence In Baking Award!  Whether it be Girl OR Boy, the winner gets a $100 Cash Prize, plus a Trophy that can be handed down from generation to generation!

So, come on teens, get those recipes out and BAKE!  Oh yes, you need to enter first.

Each Category of Cake, Pie, and Cupcake will also receive Cash Prizes and a Full Rosette, Red, White, and Blue Ribbon.

The Overall Best Baker will receive a $200 Cash Prize and a Trophy.  The Best Baker will come from all categories, but can not WIN in those categories.  In other words,  the overall winner get the $200 Cash Prize and Trophy in ONLY that Event.  They can not win TWO Trophies and Cash Prize to make it fair.

We welcome all cooks to join this fun event!  Recipes MUST be from scratch or will be disqualified!

Below is the easy to fill out form!  If you have any questions email at