Displaying completed mural, depicting the Turtle Bayou Resolution of 1832, are (left to right) Gene Morgan, Yvonne Morgan (Chair), Mike Criswell (Artist), Sheryl Shaw (Vice-Chair), Pudge Willcox and Kay Willcox.

The Chambers County Historical Commission Museum/Archive Building will be closed for the next several weeks to undergo much needed remodeling. All of the artifacts and records have been safely removed and stored until the project is completed.

The museum will receive new wall paint and new flooring in the form of vinyl tiles. All of the old flooring must be removed and the floor prepared for new tiles and this necessitated the removal of all items within the building.


In addition to the interior remodeling, the museum will also receive a painted mural on the west side of the building facing Washington Ave. The mural will depict the Battle in Anahuac in 1832, the Fort Anahuac as it is thought to have appeared at that time and the signing of the Turtle Bayou Resolution by the local Texas Colonist on June 13, 1832. The artist is Mike Criswell, of Crosby, who has been painting for around 18 years. He is known for his art work as murals, on cars, bikes, mailboxes, helmets, residential and commercial property. “If you can paint on it – I will!” Criswell said.

He said the Historical Commission mural took him about 24 hours total, starting last Friday and working on and off through Sunday about noon. Criswell is hoping one day to be able to have a shop and do his painting full time, right now, he does jobs as they come, mostly through word of mouth. If you are interested in Criswell’s work and would like more information you can contact him at 281-638-5058.

Funding for the mural was provided by contributions from the Chambers County Commissioners Court and the Anahuac Municipal Development District. The Historical Commission is appreciative of the assistance and cooperation that is provided by these entities.