Chambers County candidates for local office, listed in ballot order.
Candidates names shown in “red” won a contested race.
Candidates names shown in “green” will be in the July 31st run-off.

POSITION                        CANDIDATE
344th District Judge           Richard Baker
344th District Judge           Randy McDonald

Sheriff                                Brian Hawthorne
Sheriff                                Monroe Kreuzer, Jr

Commissioner Pct. 1          Arlette Hankamer Williams
Commissioner Pct. 1          Jimmy Earl Gore
Commissioner Pct. 1          Kim Eric Bagwell

Commissioner Pct 3            Gary Nelson

Tax-Assessor Collector       Denise Hutter
Tax-Assessor Collector       Robin Sudberry-Boles

344th District Attorney       Cheryl Swope Lieck

County Attorney                 Scott R. Peal

Constable Pct 1          Dennis Dugat
                                         Larry Smith
                                         George Daniels

Constable Pct 2                 Don Langford

Constable Pct 3                 Donnie Standley

Constable Pct 4                 Ben L. “Butch” Bean Jr

Constable Pct 6          Robert Barrow
                                               Marc Estes

County Chair                    Tammy Jenkins