There is a reason for that.

Old River-Winfree Neighborhood Watch is reporting a white male with dark hair in a four door dark car pilfering through mailboxes late at night.  

This certain report was sited around 3:00 a.m. as a homeowner was coming home from work.  The mailbox being gone through was of a relative and they knew that man or car had nothing to do with that house.

It is a federal offense to tamper with the U. S. Mail or mailboxes.  

Social Security checks are received around the first of each month, but we encourage direct deposit to be used if possible to deter criminals.

Before you go in at night, we would advise checking and emptying your mailboxes.  If you go on vacation or leave town for an extended period of time, we recommend putting a hold on your mail.

Obviously this person was up to no good.  If you see any suspicious activity on your street, be sure and report it.  

Just a word to the wise from the Old River-Winfree Community Watch Team.