They are the ones that greet us at the door;  the ones that are in the back yard yapping up a storm, jumping for joy, and dancing around just because we are home, finally.

They guard our children, our homes, our lives; and let us know when danger is around real or perceived by them.

They help us to remember our childhood; those days of carefree abandon.  Before we knew the world was not always nice.

We are so busy and caught up in our lives; but look down into their eyes and see such love, unconditional love, loyalty, and devotion even though sometimes we forget to let them out and shame them because they potty on the floor.  Sometimes their food bowl goes empty a little too long and we wonder why they are gnawing on the furniture.  We forget to fill their water bowl and wonder why they drink out of the toilet.

Sometimes forgotten in the back yard, they stand vigil for us, their family.

WELL…..this event is for THEM.  IT IS ALL ABOUT THEM!!!  We don’t care if they are ugly, dressed up, not dressed up, big, small. funny, talented, not so talented, or what.  They are a part of your family and they are welcome in the “My Best Friend” Dog Show.

The only thing we ask is that they are vaccinated and you bring proof of that vaccination.  Linda Murphy, City Secretary has chosen this event to head up as she absolutely adores her little dog.

SO! Come one, come all!  Bring them to show off; the good, the bad, and the ugly.  THIS IS THEIR EVENT!!  Their time of petting, and loving, and joy!

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