Bob and Friends before the race

I was able to run 227 laps (57 miles) at the Bay Area Relay for Life starting last night at 6:00pm and ending This morning at 8:00am. Those of you who pledged to me on a “per lap” basis can use that figure to calculate your donation. My goal was 250 laps but it was a tough night. The temperature and humidity were high (mid 70’s) and there was a strong wind that made running one half of the asphalt loop very hard to do. After 160 laps I could not run due to very large blisters that developed on both feet. I was able to walk until the end of the event but it was painful.

Still I had an awesome time thanks to my friends that came out and ran and walked with me. They took my mind off my pain and kept me focused on why I was there. One of my friends helped me pray through my list of 60 names of cancer sufferers and recently berieved families.

When the event ended at 8:00am today I was awarded the top laps run, First place for $ earned on line by an individual and first place overall $ earned by an individual. For that I have YOU to thank! They had to present these to me syitting down as I could not walk to the stage!

Thanks for supporting me in the Relay foe Life. You donations bring HOPE to many and may result in a few more birthdays!

If you pledged “per lap” you can pay that pledge on line if that’s convenient. Otherwise e-mail me at and I’ll give you an address to send a check.

Thanks so much!!!