All we had to do was ask Boyce!  It seems hard to keep someone weed eating and mowing around the Historical Marker by the Old River Bridge on FM 1409.

We’ve tried everything and everyone to keep this Texas State Historical Marker clean and fresh for those tourist that do the Historical Marker Run!

Solution?  Call Boyce.  He was told about the marker and the problem with keeping it up and he immediately said, “I’ll take care of it!”.     That is one of the MANY reasons Boyce is “Volunteer of the Year”.

He already takes care of the Texas State Historical Marker at the end of Woodland Lane.  Bet you didn’t even know there was one there!  There is a more than a 100 year old cemetery back there. 

The rock and clearing around the River Historical Marker was originally placed by the Old River-Winfree Founders Day.

Thanks so much to a good, kind, church-going man like Boyce Morris for always lending a helping hand where he can!

Thanks Boyce!

Above is Mr. Boyce Morris at the 2011 Old River-Winfree Founders Day.  He presents and displays the Historical Artifacts of Old River-Winfree proudly!