The drought that Texas is going through has not only affected vegetation, farmers, and wildlife, it has affected our water supply.

Quite a few water companies in Chambers County have issued a “Boil Water” warning.  

This should bring to mind having your own waterwell tested for the quality of water you are drinking.  Most people, I have found, are buying bottled water either in the store or by delivery.

In Old River-Winfree, J & S Water Company has been sited for exceeding the Maximum Level of Arsenic allowed in drinking water.  (Please see this notification below).  The drought has lowered water levels, we all know this, but J & S has a history of being cited for various violations.

J&S Water Company charges a flat fee of water usage, even though you may use much less that you are being billed for.

The TCEQ notes this is not an Emergency Situation as it would take long-term ingestion to cause any real harm.  Oh, really!!

Oh yes, you have noticed the water in Woodland Acres being off at various times of the day since the drainage work has begun.  This is because Rebel Construction was not given the plans identifying where the water lines are because J & S has no idea where they are.  Of course, J & S is finding out now as water lines are inadvertently  cut and our water is cut off.  Don’t blame it on Rebel, it is the ineffiency of J & S Water Company.

If you have babies or elderly consider bottled water or boiling your own water and getting your water well tested is you have one.

We all know about the news on arsenic being in the fruit juices our precious youngster are drinking.

Just a word to the cautious and for your information!