When you think of a Beauty Pageant, you think of glitz and glam, lot of makeup on young girls, and skin tight, low cut gowns.  That’s not the way we do it here at ORWFD.  

Our Pageant is a NATURAL Beauty Pageant.  As you can see the emphases is on Natural Beauty.  Not beauty covered up with makeup, false eyelashes and the rest.

Oh no, our girls are disqualified for wearing more than a dusting of makeup on the age appropriate girls.

Their attire is also fashion they can wear at their local church services.  Everyday, Sunday-go-to-Meeting dresses.

At ORWFD we are looking for the girl where inner beauty is more important than outer beauty.

This year’s girls really do personify this vision.  Presenting the Winners their Crowns and Sashes is Miss West Chambers County 2010 Brianna Walston.

Here are our 2011 Winners!

Tiny Miss West Chambers County is Miss Jessie Olson, 22 Months.  Jessie likes the colors yellow and pink.  Her hobbies include dancing.  She would like to grow up to be a children’s entertainer because she loves to dance and laugh.

2011 Tiny Miss West Chambers County – Miss Jessie Olson

Next Winner is Little Miss West Chambers County, Aubrie Kelly.  Aubrie is 5 years old and loves the color pink.  She loves to dress up, paint, and play outside with her dog.  She loves Taylor Swift because of her songs, and wants to be a singer at Church.

Little Miss West Chambers County – Aubrie Kelly

The 2011 Junior Miss West Chambers County is Jessica Finney, 12 years old.  Jessica was a show stopper in her 70 year old Vintage Dress at the Pageant.  She really got what this was all about.  Jessica loves singing and horsebackriding.  She wants to be a veterinarian because she loves animals of all kinds!

2011 Junior Miss West Chambers County – Jessica Finney

The winner of  the 2011 Miss West Chambers County Natural Beauty Pageant was Ms. Samantha Oliver, 15 years old.  Samantha likes riding her horses, swimming, and riding intertubes.  Samantha would like to have her own horse business!  Not just any horse business, but a Horse Ranch Owner that caters to Special Needs Children.

Miss West Chambers County - Samantha Oliver

The 2011 Queen Samantha Oliver and her court will appearing in the Mont Belvieu, “Christmas on the Hill” Parade on December 4th.

They will also be getting dressed up for a photo shoot on December 10th at Angels Touch Florist with Photographer Affinity Photography by Kimberli Smith.

Congratulations to you all!