The City Government of Old River-Winfree has chosen to “stand alone” in seeking and acquiring grant money funds from the Hurricane Ike Recovery.  The City has already moved forward on the Emergency Shower, Restroom, and Washateria located behind the Community Building and the Drainage Project that will much improve the drainage of our town.

The Emergency Facility for the Old River-Winfree Residents and the Drainage Project are part of what is called “Round 1“.

I drove down and took some pictures and video of the winning bidder, Rebel Contractors, and talk to Rusty Wilson, Vice President.  It sure looked like they knew what they were doing to an untrained eye.  I captured a video for you to see the skill it takes to operate this machinery.  

To qualify for grant monies left in the fund, in what is called  Round 2 of the Government Land Office Grant, a Resolution by the City Council has to be signed and on file by December.  

Mayor Joe Landry has issued a “Call Meeting” of the City Council. (Round 2 is separate from Round 1.  The City is trying to qualify to receive more monies to do other projects around town).  The County and those towns who chose to join with them will also be vying for these funds as you can see on the Commissioners Court Agenda previously posted.

The City Council will vote on this Resolution at the meeting set on November 30, 2011 at City Hall at 6:30 p.m.  A Town Hall Meeting will be held prior to the Council Meeting to get your input at 6:00 p.m..  All Old River-Winfree residents are welcome to attend.

If you want some of the FINE Texas Top Soil, just call Rusty on his cellphone at 713-724-6121 and leave a message.   They are heading up to Danny Lane with this portion of the project.

The City Government made the right decision to “stand alone” on this project and projects being considered in the future.  We always have and always will fight for OUR residents!

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