Mayor Landry Speaks Out

Old River Mayor Joe Landry addressed Chambers County Commissioners Court Tuesday, October 25th to thank the commissioners for continued support of Old River Founders Day celebrations held each year. Mayor Landry presented an award to Chambers County which Chambers County Judge Jimmy Sylvia passed on to Precinct #3 Commissioner Gary Nelson.

Emergency Service District Terms Set

The court designated terms of office as presented by Hubert Oxford for Commissioners of Chambers County Emergency Service District No. 1. The positions of Vice President and Treasurer will expire at the end of 2011. The positions of President, Secretary and Assistant Treasurer will expire at the end of 2012.

Contractor Approved for New Bayside Clinic Project

J. E. Dunn Construction was approved as the builder for the new Anahuac Bayside Clinic. J.E. Dunn home office is in Kansas City, Missouri with many offices across the United States including Houston. According to Bob Pascasio, CEO of Chambers County Hospital District, the primary reason for recommending J.E. Dunn to Commissioners Court is because Houston based architect Philo Wilke preferred Dunn if the project is to be completed before the next hurricane season. The project has previously been reported to be over budget. Unattached Community Development Block Grant funds in the amount of $2.6 million will be reassigned to cover the additional costs of the new clinic construction, plus additional architectural and engineering fees.


Clean Auditors Report Presented

Auditors Robert Bell and Darla Dear presented their findings of the Chambers County audit. The audit was pronounced “clean, unqualified opinion” which is the best result possible. Chambers County has almost one year operating expenses in reserve. Robert Bell commended Chambers County on having surplus funds and a net plus $8 million variance in the budget.

Auction Purchases Authorized

Jimmy Kahla, Director of the Solid Waste Department was given approval to purchase a mini excavator at auction. The excavator will be shared between the Solid Waste Department and the Road and Bridge Department. At present the county is leasing excavators.

New Vehicles for Sheriff’s Department

Approval was granted to purchase five new Dodge Chargers with emergency equipment from Dallas Dodge and one – ton truck from Philpott Ford. Three of the cars will be unmarked C.I.D. (Criminal Investigator Detective) vehicles and 2 will be marked patrol cars.

RFP Approved for County Jail Locks and Doors

The County will be issuing an RFP for cellblock lock and door renovation for cellblock D of the Chambers County jail in Anahuac.