Paid a visit at Texas Feed Stop again.  Since I now have three hanging feeders and a tray feeder, I wanted to make sure I was stocked up on the feed I had previously bought there.  The birds love it!!

As I am beginning to learn more about them, I know that Blue Jays, Northern Cardinals, and Mockingbirds are so big, they can’t fit on my feeders like the smaller birds can.

That’s why I put out a makeshift “tray feeder”, which is nothing but an old metal round patio end table and a pie plate.  Fancy, huh?

I have also learned with the help of my research and Brian, owner of Texas Feed Stop about feeding them.  He and I compared the sunflower and safflower seeds to decide what was the best for all three of the huge birds.

I bought two bags to see what they (the birds) would think plus another bag of the seed for the smaller ones.  Big ones will eat it, but they can’t get to it.

I bought that first feed on March 2nd and it really lasted.  Lots of birds around now.

Have you ever thought of joining a “Bird Watching Club”?  Now that is not the same as watching grass grow.  I think it would be fun, so I think we all should do it!  Anyway, I am.

Have a Blessed Week!

Roving Reporter
Old River-Winfree Community News