If you have a bird feeder, chances are you’ve done battle with tiny assailants driven by hunger and instinct. You’ve been attacked, you’ve countered, and you’ve lost. That’s right, I’m talking about Squirrel Wars. How the heck does a birder deter the buggers? The Cornell Lab of Ornithology posed the question on its Facebook page and printed nine coping strategies in BirdScope (Winter 2011), gleaned from fans’ ideas, which apparently “ran the gamut.” (Request a copy ofBirdscope, while supplies last, here.)

Five of BirdScope‘s nine printed suggestions follow. Can you think of any more defense methods? If the squirrel in the video below is any representation of its brethren, I’d personally recommend #5 and save yourself some headache.

This video is hilarious and so true!  I think I’ll do #5, too